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Banana Boat Song


Harry Belafonte

Harry Belafonte is a American Jamaican artist who popularized Caribbean music. He grew up in the west Indies and his nickname was the King of Calyso. Banana Boat song is a Jamaican folk song, also known a calypso.

The Banana Boat song also known as Day-O was featured in the 80's movie, Beetle Juice.


Banana Boat song

TV Show

The Block AU

The Block AU is an Australian renovation TV show on channel nine. It was introduced in 2002 but took a 6 year hiatus and came back with host Scott Cam.

It follows 5 teams over 3 months to build and design million dollar homes. These homes go for auction for set price and whatever money made over reserve goes to contestant’s prize money with a bonus $

Clip Block

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